Top Hairstyles for Female Pattern Baldness


Hair loss affects both men and women. Though much more socially acceptable for men (but why?), an estimated 40 percent of hair loss sufferers are actually female. Gasp!

We don’t want to alarm you, but by age 50, roughly half of all women will deal with some degree of pattern hair loss. And frankly, the numbers get worse from there.

You’ve likely heard the term “male pattern baldness,” but “female pattern baldness” is also a thing...

What Is Female Pattern Baldness?


Many women tend to notice an increase in hair loss after menopause which means that hormones are typically responsible for this occurrence but there are many other reasons women experience hair loss as well including postpartum, medical conditions, and even stress. Learn more about the causes of hair loss for women on this previous blog post we wrote.

Commonly known as androgenetic alopecia, female pattern baldness is the heredity hair loss that naturally happens as you age. Men also suffer from androgenetic alopecia (MPB), but the key difference is that the pattern of hair loss typically occurs in different places on the head for women.

You might wonder, does female pattern baldness happen suddenly? In short, for most, no. While it’s normal for women to lose 50 to 100 hairs on their head every day, female pattern baldness typically occurs in a pattern and over time. Whereas men typically lose hair in the front of their head and receding backward, women lose hair all over their head, often starting at the part line or around the temples.

As if the literal loss of hair from your head wasn’t enough, unfortunately for many, there is also an emotional toll as a result of female pattern baldness. For a long time, a woman’s beauty often was associated with long, luscious locks. Fast forward to today, there are many universally-agreed-to-be-beautiful women with short hair or no hair at all! (OK, we know that’s a stretch, there is no single woman that everyone agrees is “beautiful”, but for our sake, just go with it. Maybe J.Lo. or Angelina.)

Hairstyling Tips for Female Pattern Baldness and Thinning Hair

While there are environmental factors that play a part in your hair’s health, female pattern baldness is hereditary and not curable. However, we have some hair loss tips for women that can help reduce hair loss. So if it’s going to happen, and as we said for the majority of women, at some point in your life, you will likely experience hair loss, how can we deal with it?


Some woman have asked if hair extensions can help with thinning hair? Sure, kinda.

Hair extensions can be damaging to the hair that you have, so if you’re trying to give the appearance of thicker, full hair, hair extensions may do the trick (and there are many different kinds so research which ones are likely to cause the least damage to your natural hair). But the problem is that with female pattern baldness, often the hair loss is in a place where it’s hard to cover up with extensions.

Source: Lindsey Simon Gurk

Source: Lindsey Simon Gurk

Before we dive into our top picks of hairstyles for female pattern baldness, we want to share our hands-down 3 favorite haircuts for thin hair:

  1. Face-framing shoulder-length shag works well as a way to give your hair movement and volume without weighing it down and faking volume.

  2. Choppy pixie or choppy bob haircuts can help thin hair look thicker with beachy waves;  go sans bangs, side bangs, or blunt bangs to stay edgy.

  3. Long layers can work if you keep them feathered and lightweight (just because your hair is thinning, doesn’t mean you have to chop it off!).

Working from these haircuts for hair loss, let’s look at some hairstyling tips to make these hairstyles work for your thinning hair!

If you are rockin’ a choppy pixie, play with the texture and your part. Playful texture as seen here, styled by Melanie Stipdonk, can give you a lot of variety and options, particularly when it comes to your part, allowing you to cover up areas of hair loss, both around your part line and temple.

To create this hairstyle, start with wet or damp hair and add some texture spray, our Volumizing Mist can do the trick too, and give your hair a hearty tousle.

Source:  Dora Ralph

Source: Dora Ralph

A modern shag hair cut can go a long way to add body to lifeless, thinning hair. But we especially love this cut from Dora Ralph because these bangs are just to die for, and seriously embody the ‘face-framing’ technique oh-so-perfectly! Also, could this shade of carrot make us wish we were born with red hair any more than we already do?

The nice thing about this hair cut is that you have options; air dry with a nice salt spray or blow it dry and use a barrel to create these gorgeous waves shown here.

Source:  Cara Kiggins

Source: Cara Kiggins

If mermaid hair is #hairgoals for you, then you need a deep side part in your life. Actually, go a step further, careful this is going to feel really uncomfortable, but we challenge you to switch your part to the other side! Sure, there are factors like “but this is my good side”, or “but my nose is crooked” may come to mind, but not only is switching up your part regularly good for your hair (keeps it on its toes, and especially because female pattern hair loss often occurs around the hairline), but you’ll feel like a whole new person! Enter, your second act! Or third, or fourth! It’s called reinvention goddesses!

Cara Kiggins used our Volumizing Mist for some added volume and body and really challenged herself to part her hair a bit deeper than normal to create some added faux volume. Do you love? Check out her before and after on her blog, along with a full review of our THIQUE Hair Volumizing Mist.

Hopefully, you’re inspired to try a new haircut or hairstyle for your thinning hair. But you may also be wondering, what is the best treatment for female hair loss? That is a topic for another day, but in the meantime, explore our anti-aging, natural hair care featuring Amazonian Copaiba Oil Complex to resist breakage and further hair loss.

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