Get thicker hair with THIQUE!


Salon Born & Dermatologist Recommended.

Created by a team of salon industry professionals to offer women high-quality products and solutions for fine, thin or thinning hair that were reviewed and recommended by leading Dermatologists.


Nature & Lab Raised.

All of our formulations are plant-derived and science supported, featuring natural plant extracts and the purest essential oils.  Clinically tested and hypoallergenic, THIQUE products are safe on skin, scalp and hair and work effectively to create thicker, fuller looking hair.

Pump up the Volume, Safely.

Our mission is to formulate products that are non-toxic and naturally based, but that also deliver high performance results you want and deserve. All THIQUE Hair Loss Treatments for Women combine natural, plant derived ingredients to formulate effective solutions that increase volume and decrease further hair loss.  


Q:  Is THIQUE organic?
A:  From packaging to ingredients, we care about how we make our products to ensure they are healthy and beneficial for our customers.  Although we do use some organic ingredients, we do not certify our products as organic.

Q:  Can THIQUE be used on keratin treated hair?  How about hair that’s color treated?
A:  THIQUE products are color-safe and keratin-safe because we are sulfate-free and use proteins in our formulas that increase hydration.

Q:  Where can I purchase THIQUE?
A:  You can always purchase from this website.  Or if you’re as obsessed with Amazon as we are, you can purchase from by searching for THIQUE products.

Q:  What preservatives are in THIQUE products?
A:  We use Ethylhexylglycerin or Sorbitan Caprylate and Benzoic Acid to maintain the performance, quality, and freshness of our formulas. We refrain from using preservatives containing parabens and/or formaldehyde donors in any of our products. Both have been linked to health concerns such as reproductive and developmental toxicity. 

Q:  I see you use artificial fragrance.  Is that safe?
Our products use small, safe amounts of synthetic fragrances with low levels of allergens to create a light scent.  This also allows us a longer shelf life and consistency in scent and quality.

Q:  I’ve seen certain alcohols listed on THIQUE hair care products.  Why do you use alcohols in your products and will they dry out my hair?
Alcohol Denat. (grain derived) is a natural alcohol that is used in Scalp Serum to solubilize and stabilize the nourishing botanicals and peptides in the formula.  Cetearyl Alcohol in our Lightweight Nourishing Conditioner is used to help build the product viscosity. It is a waxy solid that belongs to the group of Fatty Alcohols.  None of the low levels of alcohol will dry out the hair.

Q:  Are your products nut-free?
None of our products contain nuts or nut extracts.  However, we cannot guarantee that our products were made in a nut-free facility. As always, we encourage customers who have extreme allergies to consult a doctor or conduct a patch test before using any product.

Q:  What is the shelf life of THIQUE products?
 Each THIQUE product has a 24-month shelf life and our products maintain their peak freshness within 12 months from opening.

Q:  I have African-American hair texture that is curly, kinky or coarse.  Will THIQUE products work for my hair?
Absolutely! All of our products work with all hair types to tackle fine, thin or thinning hair.

Q:  Does THIQUE test its products on animals?
We never, ever test our products on animals.  We love our furry friends!

Q:  Where is THIQUE based and where are THIQUE products manufactured?
THIQUE was founded by a team from Los Angeles, New York and Germany with hair salon and professional stylist backgrounds.  The headquarters is in New York and all THIQUE products are manufactured in the U.S.A.